Meet Entry Process

PSSC meet entry procedures have improved, thanks to the features offered in this new website. Your response to ’Attend’ will be required in order to process your entries.

How do I submit entries for a swim meet:

When you see a swim meet in the ’Meet & Event Signup’ tab that your athlete will attend, click on the ’Attend’ icon. It will display another screen that lists your athlete.

Confirm your athlete attending by clicking the icon next to their name.

To the right of your athlete’s name, there is a ’Notes’ section should you wish to provide information (ex: "Only available Saturday", or events you want considered by the coach for entry). This information provided by you goes to the Coach and Meet Director along with your verification of attending the meet.

What PSSC does with your confirmation of attendance to the swim meet:

  PSSC uses your confirmation to enter events for your athletes. Your coach will make the choices of which events to swim, factoring any notes or requests you’ve made when confirming attendance. Unless you’ve stated otherwise, the coach will likely choose the maximum allowance for entries for your athlete.

 PSSC will bill your account the fees charged by the meet host from entry. No extra charges are assessed or included for processing.

NOTE: meet entry fees and surcharges vary pending the type of meet, competition level, venue and host charges. Information on fees will ALWAYS be included with the Meet Information sheet, which is available for each meet listed.

Entry fees and surcharges are non-refundable once entries have been processed. PSSC is required to pay for all entries submitted to the host, which are non-refundable to the team. If you sign-up to attend, but don’t swim, the charges will apply.

Meet Director, Kristine Koch
Treasurer, Sheila Northrop

Head Coach, Frank Casella